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Top Tips

By Anita Kaze. 21.08.2008

Here are some top golf tips courtesy of Håkan Svensson, Head Professional P.G.A at "Saliena Golf Course".


  # For physical training I suggest that you go to a boxing club and ask if you can train with them. Boxers use almost exactly the same muscles to punch as you do when hitting a golf ball.  

# Flexibility is very important. Try Yoga, its good both for your body and mind.  

# Consistency of play comes from consistency of thoughts. This is why you need to have the same thoughts on the driving range as you have on the course.  

# Keep only the positive memories from a round of golf, erase the rest.  

# Bad shots are caused by bad swings, bad swings are caused by bad thoughts, bad thoughts are caused by ??. This answer is individual from player to player, you need to identify the reason why you get bad thoughts. 

# Write down the 3 best shots you made last season and put that note in your wallet, look at it every day. It will make you feel good!