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By Anita Kaze. 29.09.2008

Linda Heras has spent most of her working life in the fashion industry. What’s unusual is that for 25 years she’s loyally stuck by one of the best Spanish designers, Roberto Verino.

Nowadays, Linda travels the world to find franchisees and assist them with the development of stores exclusively for the designer’s clothing. We met at the first of these in the Baltics to admire the Autumn-Winter 2008-09 collection, complete with accessories for men and woman, and to discuss Linda’s long relationship with the Roberto Verino label.

Where did your interest in fashion come from?

I’ve been interested in fashion from a young age. When I was at school in New York, I worked as a model during summer. It was my first introduction to the wholesale business. Then I studied to be a fashion buyer at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

When did you meet Roberto Verino and how did that lead to working with him?

I was already in the clothes business in Spain as I had married a Spaniard. I’d started an import business. Through a customer and a mutual friend of ours, I was introduced to Roberto. That was in 1982. And so he asked if I’d like to join his company because he was starting a new collection in his own name. And I thought, “Yes” because he was such a marvelous person, and he’s still a marvelous person. And I believed in what he was presenting to me, the enthusiasm about this collection he was going to do. So I thought, “I like this man.” I started working as a sales person, selling the collection to multi-brand stores because at that time we did that. Then in the early 90s I got involved in PR and did that for 12 years. So I’ve been through all different angles of the business.

Why do you think you’ve worked for him for so long?

I love the clothes he makes. I think I’m very attached to what he does because they’re the kind of clothes I can wear and feel good in. They’re for the kind of person who lives the same kind of life I do, who needs good clothing, travels a lot and wants to feel good. I connect with this collection and what he does and feel confident selling it, talking about it and wearing it because that’s what it’s all about.

What words could define his style?

I’d say functionality. Clothing made for today’s woman. A renovated classic that works. It’s beautiful and can be very glamorous at the same time.

What makes you think Riga is ready for a Roberto Verino store?

There’s been a lot of talk about Riga recently, and how it’s a great city to visit for tourism. There’s been a big article in the New York Times about Riga, and in Spanish newspapers, and people are starting to talk about Riga as an upcoming place. I think that the Baltic countries in general are very interesting for us. And the first thing I noticed when I came was how beautiful the women are. How thin, stylish, tall and glamorous they are. It would be delightful to dress them. I feel that way, seriously. We like that kind of a customer – it’s fun to dress people like that.

How do you think this style will be received in Latvia?

I think it will work very well. Women can wear it with great style and feel really good in it. And it will look even better because the women here have such great bodies! I think they’ll also understand that the quality is very good.

What item of clothing should never be missing from someone’s wardrobe?

Everyone needs a good jacket - a trench-coat and a well-fitting jacket. You can combine it with pants or a skirt, and dress it up or down. It’s important because you see that first.