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By RigaNow!. 06.09.2008

Kungu 1 Phone: +371 67212003
Working hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00
Sat 11:00 - 19:00
Sun : - closed

Multibrand boutique offering Kenzo, Valentino, Christian Lacroix. Multibrand boutique offering Kenzo, Valentino, Christian Lacroix.


Two stores of fashion have opened in a recently restored building on Vaļņu street 4.

Sharpen your look this season with outfits by finest designers on offer in the new Kabuki boutique. This is the second Kabuki boutique in the Old Town, while the whole chain includes Toskana, Barbara and Carrousell fashion salons all around Riga.

The first floor displays latest trends in men wear, while the second floor is a hot spot for fashion-savvy ladies. Kabuki is great for mixing classic and bold statement pieces, such as almost minimalist Kenzo jeans with Eastern bazaar inspired Christian Lacroix cardigans, adorned with intricate pattern and embroidery. Now, while the seasonal sales are still on, it is the right time to shop for furs, leather jackets and gloves, they have a wide selection of.