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Alberto Guardiani

SHOPPING -> Footwear
By RigaNow!. 06.09.2008

Brīvības 46 , Riga Mobile: 371 67130264
Phone: 6713 0191
Working hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 - 19:00

FASHION: Footwear

Upscale Italian shoes for men and women The source of inspiration for this store is a special project with exclusive design that embodies the essence and philosophy of the brand – a cosmopolitan lounge where the Alberto Guardiani footwear collections for men and women are displayed in a trendy yet elegant manner.

The boutique is located on the ground floor of a pompous art nouveau building at Brīvības 46. It has a broad show-window adorned with sun blinds from coal grey velvet. Furnishings for the 40-square-meter shopping zone have been carefully selected, and the chosen colors allow the environment to showcase sophisticated aesthetic
values allowing the footwear to stand out and splendidly combine typical Italian craftsmanship with innovative materials and processes.

A renowned benchmark of Italian elegance, Alberto Guardiani is a leading manufacturer of Italian footwear that has developed
a unique understanding about the art of shoemaking based on 60-year-old traditions. it specializes in the making of tailor-made designer shoes created with passion, crafted to perfection and made to serve for a long period of time.