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SHOPPING -> Footwear
By RigaNow!. 06.09.2008

Vaļņu 3 , Riga Phone: +371 67295142
Working hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 - 19:00
Sun : - closed

High fashion women’s shoes and boots. When a woman puts on a pair of shoes it really sets the tone for what type of evening it is going to be.


 There is the just around the house shoe – low and comfortable, then I’m going to work shoe – smart but not too sexy. Then there is the look at me shoe. This shoe has the ability to attract men like a dog in heat. If you asked a man why you are attracted to the opposite sex say at a restaurant the shoe would not be the first thing to come to mind. But the shoe is the foundation to what makes a beautiful woman.

Having said all this, there is one more reason for woman to buy a new pair of shoes for herself. The recently opened Studio Loretti at the corner of Tērbatas and Stabu has major Italian brand names, such as Casadei, Pallini, Le Silla and Versace. Most of the shoes here are the “look at me types”.

Here we will let you in on a little secret, Studio Loretti is the offshoot of their first store “Loretti” were they have the latest that just walked off the catwalk models. The difference is that at Studio Loretti the items are from the previous season and marked down a “bit”.