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By RigaNow!. 10.09.2008

Kaļķu 9/11 Phone: +371 67087542
Working hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 - 19:00

Antique furniture, books, icons and porcelain. Antique furniture, books, icons and porcelain.



A good way to see get to know a city is by going on an antique hunt. As you go between each shop you can take in the sites of the surrounding architecture and monuments. As each area is different so is each shop. Konvents has been providing customers with old bits of Latvia for years. Choose from large-scale items, such as paintings or furniture, to smaller and more affordable gifts, for example 19th century postcards, Soviet-era trinkets, or even old fashioned jewelry. Whether you’re into antiques or not, it will be interesting to comb the supersaturated vitrines for a glimpse of what days gone by in Latvia actually looked like. Be sure to ask the shopkeeper about whether you can take these goods back with you, however, as export of antiques is usually subject to strict controls.