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Lady behind the charity

By Inese Timuka . 19.11.2009

Norwegian Merete Poetzsch, chairman of the Charity Committee, shared her ideas with about the Christmas Bazaar.

How does the Charity Committee raise its funds?
The International Bazaar is so important to us, as it is the main event where we can raise our funds. How much we determines how much we can help people throughout Latvia. In previous years, we decided before bazaar which organizations we were going to support, but this winter we are planning to help individuals and different families because we feel that there will be a big need. During a recent visit to a soup kitchen they indicated that last year around 60 people were coming a day to our soup kitchen, but now it is 150, so you can see how the need has grown.

How much did you earn last year?
Last year we earned 14,000 LVL, but this year we are being a little more careful with our projections because of the current economic conditions. If we can earn 10,000 LVL, I will be very happy.

How does the IWCR Charity Committee administer its funds?
I myself always go out with my team to see what the need is at schools, hospitals and other places, to see how the organizations are working and whether I can trust them. Of course, we can’t help everyone, but I am so happy that we are able to help to some of them. We can help not only with money but also with household equipment and clothes, as we collect them and donate directly to churches or shelters. We've been helping people for many years and now quite often we receive calls for help.

What can we expect from the bazaar?
It will be a great chance for expats, tourists and locals to purchase lovely, unique holiday gifts for families, friends and colleagues, from knitted mittens to handmade jewelry to wonderful paintings. There are genuinely many things you won’t be able to buy elsewhere for such good prices. And I would like to emphasize that all purchases later lead to good work, helping those who are in desperate need of charity.

What are the IWCR members going to offer at the bazaar?
We are all going to bake cakes, pies and sweets, make handicrafted items, sell national products and donate our free time all day.

Main charities sponsored in 2009:

1. Two soup kitchens in Riga, 2400 LVL
2. Women's prison in Riga, 900 LVL
3. Hope for Children in Riga
4. Project “Give a Hand” 350 LVL
5. School books and supplies for Vilpulkas School 250 LVL
6. Shoes for the Namins Crisis Center for Children in Riga 1000 LVL
7. Dishwasher for Brengulu Elementary School 1300 LVL
8. Vitolu Fonds 1300 LVL
9. Music room for a children’s hospital