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By Editor. 03.12.2008

Jauniela 17 , Riga Phone: 371 6722 3200
Working hours: Mon-Fri 11.00 - 20.00
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Would you like to present that someone special something unique. Yet locals and visitors alike all love new and interesting jewelry, and you can always order something exclusive by EgonsSteinboks, a multitalented artist who's made pieces for the likes of Helmut Khol, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Dalajlama XIV and Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga.

Egons has worked as an independent jeweler for 17 years. He creates one-of-a-kind pieces, so you can be sure to be unique. This is the place to order a keepsake as special as a wedding ring or anniversary gift. But you will need to give Egons plenty of time, at least two months, because he does not like to be rushed. Egons also has an intuitive process when liaising with a client which needs time, involving photographing the client so he can design something appropriate. After discussing which stones, metals and materials would be right for the piece and deciding which style is right, he then makes preliminary sketches for approval, before the finished product. Egons is such a perfectionist that he has even been known to take back pieces a client has been wearing, to make modifications at his own expense!

Egons also has some finished pieces for sale in the shop, but not many. When asked about his famous clients, Egons thinks that President Bush ordered the most interesting piece; an intricate silver base to hold a piece of cut amber. When asked if he enjoys dealing with such personalities, he admits that he doesn't know how to bow to them in the right way! His down-to-earth attitude also makes his feel somewhat uneasy with the demands of very rich clients, especially the nouveau riche. "Their values are all confused. Many don't know what they want because they chase brand names rather than personal tastes. That's not very interesting." Yet for those who appreciate attention to detail, quality, and something made just for them, this unassuming little gallery is just the place.