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By . 05.03.2009

Ieriķu 3 , Riga Phone: 37167631184
Working hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 - 22.00

It’s already the second L’Occitane skincare shop opening in Riga, located inside the Domina shopping mall, bringing a fresh breeze from the French region of Provence.   During the winter give your skin a break and indulge it with natural cosmetics.


The brand focuses on the well-being of women and men alike. You can opt for different types of soaps, creams, masks, scrubs and even light fragrances for the home. Our favorite is the lavender spray for pillows – its fragrance helps to ease away stress and virtually guarantees a peaceful night’s rest.

We were told that the cosmetics are manufactured in the traditional way, using natural ingredients as much as possible. They use plant oils in their care formulas rather than mineral oils.

L’Occitane holds true to its values: sensuality, authenticity and respect. All products are marked with Braille-type printing, allowing the blind and poor-sighted to make informed choices as well. Meet and satisfy the pleasure of all your senses.