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By Anatol Steven. 09.06.2010

Šķūņu 10 , Riga Mobile: 2988 9194
Phone: 6722 3610

Jewels by design Boaroz creates imaginative handmade jewellery to order

An old-fashioned family-owned jewellers shop on a brightly lit corner in Riga’s Old Town, Boaroz approves designs on paper with the client before painstakingly piecing them together so that every item is unique – elaborate earrings, necklaces, rings and more.
This spot used to be one of the liveliest bars in Riga, but the Budrevičs family has put the space to good use as a small display area highlighting specially designed bling that catches the eye, plus a dimly lit workshop at the back where the jewellers shine spotlights on their intricate work.
“We can sketch the designs for the jewellery according to the wishes of anyone who drops by, discuss what would be most attractive and practical, then piece the items together,” Arsenijs Budrevičs explains.