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Made-to-measure elegance

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By Anatol Steven. 06.01.2012

Basteja Passage
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Van Laack maintains its goal of manufacturing the most luxurious shirts. Van Laack is a German-based company that has maintained a simple vision since 1881 – to manufacture the most luxurious shirts. This luxury is apparent in the smallest of details and, according to the company, expresses the personality of the wearer. Van Laack recently opened a store in Riga.

Van Laack’s elegant shirts first became a "must-have" item for the well-dressed man back in the "golden twenties". At the same time, it became one of the first brand-name products in the fashion industry. The van Laack logo was developed at this time with the slogan “van Laack – the royal shirt”.
A renewed vision for the company was created in 2002 when Christian von Daniels, a textile manufacturer, bought the company and set himself the goal of further increasing the exclusivity of the van Laack brand.
What began in van Laack’s flagship stores 125 years ago can now be found in over 50 countries worldwide. In excess of 80 new partner stores and partner sections opened within three years. The first van Laack store to hit the USA opened on Madison Avenue in New York in 2008.
Key to the company’s success are its made-to-measure shirts. The two-piece collar on a van Laack made-to-measure shirt is individually shaped and tailored, and it is possible to choose from a multitude of different collar options according to taste and occasion. The width and breadth of the body in these shirts are made to fit the individual wearer, irrespective of neck size.
Cuffs are also manufactured with the van Laack inlay, and the cuff width can even be tailored to the individual wrist measurement.
Van Laack also goes to the extra length of monogramming your made-to-measure shirt to emphasize its individuality. And every made-to-measure shirt has a label that records the wearer’s name and personal measurements.