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Book: Stop the movement

By Inese Timuka. 20.08.2008

  Explore priceless moments of life in our country.


Jāņa Rozes publishers have just released “One day in Latvia 1987/2007”, a book that contains over 500 pages filled with captured moments of different scenes, events and emotions during a 24 hour period of life in Latvia.

The project was first realized back in 1987, when professional photographers from here and abroad took snapshots of whatever appeared to be important to them all around country. In 2007 the mammoth project was repeated during a very different era, where the political, social and economic situation has completely changed. It’s fascinating to compare how life has moved ahead since then. There’s an especially interesting pair of the current Latvian President Valdis Zatlers, then and now. But be prepared – as a souvenir this book is very large and heavy!

“One day in Latvia 1987/2007” is available in bookstores retailing at about €60.