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By Inese Timuka. 27.08.2008

Riga has made it as the second most expensive property on the newest version of the Monopoly game board.

During a six-week period, Monopoly fans from all around the world voted for the cities that they would like to see represented on the first world edition of the famous board game. More than 5.6 million votes were cast to decide which cities would make their mark. Astonishingly, the capital of Latvia takes its place because it received the second highest number of votes, only surpassed by Montreal.

Over 250 million sets have been sold worldwide since 1935, when it was invented by Charles Darrow. No doubt that for a small city like Riga, it’s a great honor to be placed on the board of such a popular game alongside cities such as New York, London and Tokyo.

Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition is now available in department and toy stores, retailing at about €53. While the real real estate market is almost frozen, at least you can still easily buy and sell property on Monopoly board!