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Foreign Minister encourages ambassadors to promote foreign investment in Latvia

By Editor . 23.12.2008

Addressing heads of Latvian diplomatic missions at a meeting in Riga , Foreign Minister Maris Riekstins encouraged the Latvian ambassadors to urge the Latvian embassies' focuss on attracting more investments to Latvia and promote exports.

2008 has not been a successful year for the national economy of Latvia. Unlike the larger countries affected by the economic crisis, Latvia, with its small economy, could not tackle the crisis on its own and had to turn to the International Monetary Fund for help. "We have to be forthcoming to any Latvian businessman who turns to us for advice or support," said the Riekstins, stressing economic interests and overcoming the crisis as the priority for the Latvian diplomats next year. Another important task will be matters that deal with security in Europe and transatlantic relations, which is, the development of relations with the new U.S. Administration, preparations for the next NATO summit, continuing Latvia's participation in international operations and missions, and in discussions on new security architecture.