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Opera, Limo and Champagne

By Editor. 27.07.2009

"Inspiring” “Imposing” These are the usual ways in which those, who are lucky enough to get the chance, describe their experience the combination of Opera, Limo and Champagne.

Riga Opera House, already considered to be one of the most beautiful opera buildings in Europe, was renovated when Latvia regained its independence in 1991. Today, the opera is renowned for the high quality of its performers as well as the beauty of its surroundings.

Backstage Tours include an introduction to the colourful history of the theatre, an insight into the redevelopment of the Latvian National Opera House and a peep behind the scenes at what is going on in preparation for current productions.

At the height of summer it never really seems to get completely dark in Riga. White nights are perfectly complemented by a trip to the Opera for the summer opera festival. What more memorable way is there to round off an evening at the opera than to be stood with a glass of champagne on the opera balcony with its magnificent views of the adjacent park, canal and old Riga?