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Dr Peter Apse

By Editor. 25.09.2009

Another dentist to share his views on dentistry in Latvia is Dr Peter Apse, a professor at the Riga Stradins University and founder of the private dental clinic Adenta.


Dr Apse thinks that there are good and not so good doctors in any country of the world but the proportion of highly qualified dentists in Latvia may be smaller than, say, in Western Europe. He himself came to Latvia from Canada in 1992 where he worked as a dental practitioner in general and specialist clinics ( Dr Apse’s speciality is prosthetics and dental implantology). Adenta dental clinic employs mainly university teaching staff and provides a full range of dental services for adults and children. He estimates that about 30% of their patients are foreigners – embassy staff and foreign businessmen residing in Latvia. Patient responses are very positive and therefore their main ‘advertisement’ is the word of mouth. However, Dr Apse is slightly reserved in his enthusiasm about dental tourism. He says, “ treatment usually is a long-term process. It is necessary to formulate and agree on the treatment plan after all the diagnostic examination has been performed. Treatment plans are then presented to the patient who must then make decisions regarding the proposed treatments in terms of time, process and finances. Fast treatment, the same as fast foods may not allow normal healing time and may not be in the best interest of the patient. However, careful planning and timing of the treatment can be performed within the context of long distance dentistry”.