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International lenders visiting Latvia

By Editor. 28.09.2009

From today to October 2, another technical mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission and the World Bank will stay in Latvia.

In various meetings international lenders with local specialists from the Finance Ministry, the State Revenue Service, the State Treasury, as well as representatives from other ministries, state structures, banks and the private sector wil discuss macroeconomics and progress of the 2010 budget project, informs LETA.

In 2010 Latvia's budget revenue is expected to be LVL 351.1 million less than 2009. The Finance Ministry predicts that by the end 2009, tax revenue will be LVL 3.909 billion or 30.1 percent of the GDP. On the other hand, next year tax revenue is expected to reach LVL 3.671 billion or 30.8 percent of the GDP.
State master budget tax revenue in 2009 is expected at LVL 1.670 billion and additional LVL 525.5 million will come in form of financial aid from international lenders.
In 2010, the state budget deficit is planned to be moderated not to be  higher than 8.5 percent of the GDP.