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Nearly half of Baltic enterprises plan to hire new employees next six months

By Editor. 04.12.2009

Nearly a half of enterprises in the Baltic States plan to hire new employees in the coming six months, according to a survey of employers conducted by "CV-Online Latvia" personnel management company in November.

Over the next six months, the labor market will start to show the first signs of growth, "CV-Online Latvia" marketing and communications manager Gints Germanis informed the business information portal "".

590 employers from the three Baltic States were polled for the survey.
46 percent of the polled entrepreneurs in Latvia said they planned to hire new employees over the next half-year. The same answer was given by 44 percent of Estonian entrepreneurs and 43 percent of the polled in Lithuania.

Nearly a half (49 percent) of employers in Latvia who plan on hiring new staff, will hire three or more new employees (42 percent in Lithuania and 25 percent in Estonia).
Almost one-third of the polled employers in Latvia and around 10 percent in Lithuania and Estonia plan to take the advantage of the current situation on the labor market and replace their current staff with new, better qualified employees.

The most popular job categories for which employers in the three Baltic States seek new staff include sales, administration, marketing and production jobs.
"A large part of enterprises have adjusted to the current economic situation by optimizing their costs, developing new businesses and finding new sales markets, as a result of which the crisis-caused shock and its aftermath have been gradually overcome. This makes enterprises consider the need for new employees and often serves as the reason for replacing some of the current employees whose work efficiency is low, to attain the set business targets," commented "CV-Online Latvia" business development manager Aivis Brodins.