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New Rimantadine-«Grindeks» already available in chemistry shops

By Editor. 18.12.2009

Rimantadine-«Grindeks», the antiviral medication effective against seasonal influenza, are available in chemistry shops of Latvia.

According to the data of World Health Organization, the seasonal influenza in 2010 will become acute earlier than in past years. Rimantadine-«Grindeks» 50mg N20 tablets will be first product in the anti-viral product portfolio of the Company.

The active substance of Rimantadine-«Grindeks» is rimantadine hydrochloride and its commonly used chemical name is rimantadine. For the first time, the substance was synthesized in Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis 40 years ago.

The price of Rimantadine-«Grindeks» 50mg N20 in the chemistry shops of Latvia will be under 5 Lats per pack.

Chairman of the Board of «Grindeks» Jānis Romanovskis: "As it is well known, the demand determines the supply; therefore we must offer medications in response to the society needs. In this case - anti-flu medication is required and we can be proud, that we are able to provide effective, high quality product produced according to EU high standard requirements for the fight against seasonal influenza!"