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LIVE RIGA launches 2011 marketing campaign

By Anatol Steven. 02.04.2011

The Riga Tourism Development Bureau is launching a new social media-driven tourism marketing campaign for spring and summer.

The Riga Tourism Development Bureau’s new spring and summer campaign will run until May 31, during which people in the overseas target markets of Germany, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Georgia and Belarus will be warmly invited to spend a weekend of longer break in Riga and fall in love with the city.
The main communication channels for reaching the potential tourists will be online advertising, outdoor advertising and print media. While participating in three exhibitions this year, namely MATKA, ITB and MITT, the tourism bureau began to present Riga and its tourist attractions and events for 2011 to international partners.
But one improvement in the campaign this year will be the use of more direct audience involvement, via Facebook Weekend Guide, Foursquare, Twitter and possible human experience stories. The campaign will actively use the power of social media by developing a LIVE RIGA profile – updating LIVE RIGA’s Foursquare page to provide recommendations and advice on interesting places to experience in the city, post updates on LIVE RIGA’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts and regularly publish a weekend travel guide.
Overall, during March, April and May, a budget of LVL 430,000 (€615,000) will be spent on making Riga better known in magazines and on websites.
[pictured: The mediaeval Castle of Turaida, Gauja National Park, near Riga; EPA PHOTO / AFI / ELMARS RUDZITIS]