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Employment rate on the rise

By Editor . 18.08.2008

Latvia experienced a rise in employment numbers during the first three months of 2008, according to a survey carried out by the Central Statistical Bureau whose results were released last week. According to the survey, the number of jobseekers, as well as the percentage of jobseekers among the economically active part of the population, decreased significantly in the first quarter.

The figures showed that in the first quarter of the year in Latvia there were around 79,700 jobseekers, of which 6.5 percent were earmarked to be economically active residents – i.e. those who are employed or seeking for a job.

The number of jobseekers slightly decreased, comparing with the respective period last year, when it was 79,800. Also the percentage of jobseekers among the economically-active residents diminished notably – in 2007 the index was 6.9 percent.

The number of male jobseekers in the first quarter of this year was higher than that of female, 6.8 and 6.3 percent, respectively. A little more than one quarter – 27.3 percent of all jobseekers were long-time jobseekers. The survey results showed that almost three quarters – 74.4 percent of jobseekers – were having previous work experience.