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Latvia makes world’s first amber-filtered vodka

By Anatol Steven. 15.08.2014

World’s first vodka filtered using amber created in Latvia

The world’s first vodka filtered using amber has been created in Latvia. Amber Gold is being marketed as “premium-quality vodka with a distinctively mild taste,” to be sold on the Baltic markets and exported further abroad. 

Latvijas Balzams, the Baltics’ biggest producer of alcoholic drinks is making the new beverage in cooperation with Latvian scientists. The company describes it as “one of the largest new product development projects in recent years.”

The Baltic amber used in the filtration process is first purified using a unique, patented purification process developed by Latvian scientist and doctor of engineering Inga Lašenko. The spirits are filtered through three different filters – first a filter of amber threads, then through amber and silver micro-granules, and finally through a filter of gold threads.

Latvijas Balzams’ commercial director, Valters Kaže, said the product had been “created over three years in close cooperation with scientists and affirming the ability of a Latvian producer to employ the latest technologies to develop a product unique for the Baltic region, using amber – the ‘northern gold’ – with its unique properties.” 

He expects the taste and quality will gain international recognition. “Amber is gaining popularity in the world and new spirits are yet another affirmation of its multifaceted use,” he said. 

Amber Gold Vodka is being offered in 0.5-liter and 0.7-liter bottles specially designed for the product, resembling waves in the sea.