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Latvians should “buy local” in face of sanctions

By Anatol Steven. 22.08.2014

Retail association chief: Local producers are priority for Latvian supermarkets

Local producers are a priority for Latvian supermarkets and stores, the head of the Latvian Food Retailers Association stresses.

In an interview with the LNT show “900 sekundes”, Noris Krūzītis explained that the large supermarket chains each cooperates with five to eight suppliers, who have now turned to them looking for opportunities to sell products that cannot be exported to Russia due to Russia’s new ban on food products.

The size of the shelves in supermarkets is limited, Krūzītis explained, but he promised that solutions would be found and that Latvian products that cannot be exported to Russia would be sold eventually.

“We are calling on residents to pay attention to the products they buy,” he said. “We must buy food that is produced here in Latvia, as it concerns our own well-being.” Around 80% of fresh food products bought by Latvian residents are produced locally, he said, but this figure should go up to 100%.