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Special vodka dedicated to Queen single goes on sale

By Andra Kunstberga. 23.09.2014

Killer Queen vodka produced in Latvia: new brand made with legendary band

A new vodka has gone on sale with a killer twist and monster riffs. It is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the release of the single “Killer Queen” by the legendary British rock group Queen.

Latvijas balzams, the biggest producer of alcoholic drinks in the Baltics, has started making the spirit on special order. Final approval of the recipe and the bottles’ design was given by Queen guitarist Brian May, who visited Latvia on a concert tour in the spring.

Even the year 1974, when “Killer Queen” was released, has been symbolically reflected in the recipe, which is distilled seven times and filtered four times.  

The customer for the vodka is UK company RnR Brew, which holds a license from Queen’s managers. Sales have already started of the first delivery of Killer Queen vodka in the UK. Later it will be sold in other European countries, Canada, the US and other markets. It’s estimated that the total order will reach 100,000 bottles.

Killer Queen is premium vodka made from high-quality European wheat spirits. The recipe was prepared by Latvijas balzams and the bottle was designed by Latvian designers. On the inside the bottle has an original image from a 1970s photo session that was found after a long search. The back of the bottle has a quote from the “Killer Queen” hit: “Built in remedy for Khrushchev and Kennedy”.

A decisive factor in the choice of Latvijas balzams to make this exclusive drink was the fact that Queen singer Freddie Mercury was a fan of Stolichnaya vodka, which was exported from the Soviet Union. Sold in 160 markets around the world, it is made at the LB plant in Latvia.