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2022-08-13 11:20:03

New route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto to be built in stages

By Andra Kunstberga. 23.02.2015

Riga airport welcomes first Turkmenistan Airlines flight from Ashgabat

Riga International Airport has welcomed the first Turkmenistan Airlines flight from Ashgabat. The new route will help attract more passengers as well as open new opportunities for transit passengers, officials said. Latvia can expect to see more travellers from the East, especially from China.

Flights are weekly, and a transcontinental route Ashgabat-Riga-Toronto is planned for later this year. 

“The new route enables the airports of Riga and Ashgabat to access new passenger transport markets, which is an essential condition for the passenger growth,” said Andris Liepins, chairman of the board of SJSC Riga International Airport.

“This is also a new offer for transit passengers who will save time and money continuing their trip further – to Asian countries and China. On the other hand, passengers coming to Riga will have access to a vast route network across Western Europe and Scandinavia.”

[pictured: Latvian and Turkmen officials at Riga International Airport, including Andris LiepiƆš, the airport's chairman of the board (second left); photo courtesy Riga International Airport]