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Feel Like Royalty

By Inese Timuka . 29.07.2008

Free for lazy afternoons with friends Tired of walking around Old Town? Want to enjoy a different type of sightseeing – the kind before cars were invented? Catch a horse.


We couldn’t resist the temptation and went for it. From the three different sized circuits on offer, we chose the biggest at € 42 for a 30 minute horse-drawn tour of the Old Town.

Our tour started on Pils Square next to the Riga Castle. The beautiful light bay horse then transported us along romantic Pils Street to Dome Square, where we had a chance to view the Dome Cathedral from three sides. Our elegant carriage then took us past the Town Hall square and a view of the reconstructed gothic building House of the Blackheads (Melngalvju nams). After passing the historic buildings around Livu Square, where life is never dull, our tour ended next to the famous Laima Clock rendezvous point.

Unfortunately, the carriage drivers only speak broken English, so ours didn’t tell much about the places we saw. However, the company can also provide one hour long private tours with English speaking guides.

There are currently two carriages, but soon there’ll be a third. These tours, organized by the exclusive riding club and school “Ellits”, are definitely a fresh addition to Riga’s sightseeing scene. This one is sure to be a hit with the tourists this summer.


Tours available Thurs.-Fri. 14.00-19.00, Sat. & Sun. 12.00-18.00.

To book phone 2953 6060, or go to the start of Kaļķu Street (G-2) to see where they’re “parked”.