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Riga Shopping Tour

By Editor. 28.07.2009

Riga is the heaven for shopaholics. From the budget-price second-hand shops to the well-priced Danija, New Yorker, Esprit, Zara till the luxurious brands as Versace, Max Mara, Escada and many more... Choose a shopping paths according your interest!

Riga Souvenir Hunting: Bring home a memory of Latvia. Get yourself an affordable piece of amber, delicious Latvian “Laima” chocolate or the typical Latvian rye bread you will not find anywhere else. Make sure your bag is filled with goodies for your way home.

Our suggestions: Art Noveau, Laima, Nice Place.

Riga Fashion Shopping: Ready for a Riga-style makeover? From mainstream clothing and shoe shops at Riga's largest shopping malls to original items in small Riga boutiques - their teams will dress you to impress.

Our suggestions: Mango, Zara, Byblos.

Riga Luxury Brand Shopping: Separate yourself from the crowd with gorgeous items from Armani, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana and other luxurious brands. We will take you to the epicentre of fashion.

Our suggestions: Decadence, Hugo Boss, Versace.

Riga Creative Style: Riga has surprisingly cute boutiques that will offer you everything from handmade chocolates to cute soaps. Do all the things your grandmother would be truly jealous of. Find out how old ladies spend their time in Riga.

Our suggestions: Muhamors, Garage.