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Cinevilla Kinopilseta

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By I. 21.08.2008

Slampe, Tukums Region Mobile: +371 28606677
Working hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 - 19.00

It may not be Universal Studios in California, but Cinevilla’s back lot is probably the closest you can get in the Baltics. And although there are no rides or dazzling special effects, the venue offers you something that no other tourist attraction, not even the Outdoor Ethnographic Museum, can – a chance to walk through the streets and suburbs of early 20th century Latvia. The back lot is continually growing and changing, and with each new production new sets appear, making this place something to return to again and again.


In 2005, the Cinevilla Studio’s back lot, or “film city” (kinopilseta) won the award for Best New Cultural Tourism Product by Latvia’s State Agency of Tourist Development; it also received an award from the Latvian Ministry of Culture for its contribution to the development of the film industry in Latvia.