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By Inese Timuka . 29.10.2009

Turaida, Krimulda Parish (drive P-8; at Turaida turn left right before cemetery), , Sigulda Mobile: 37128339843
Phone: 37126166505

Watch medieval festivities, then try them out yourselves!   Watch medieval festivities, then try them out yourselves!

One day, four fast friends decided to change their lives by building a medieval Livonian settlement – what else? – in Turaida near the town of Sigulda called Godesverdera (God's Island), according to historical documentation.
One of the pals, Andris, told us that the main idea was to give each guest a chance to escape the rush of the 21st century for at least a few hours. "It's so different to try it on your own, not just see it in a museum or read about it in a history book,” he enthused.
Before the winter hits, they plan to finish construction work on a "medieval building", a sauna and a brewery too.
On our visit we experienced the full range of medieval arts – javelin and knife throwing, archery with moving targets (not live ones) and, best of all, a knight fight in full battle armour. We ourselves had to dress up in heavy armour and were given a sword and a mission – but we're not going to give it away. You'll just have to try it out yourselves. Afterwards, Andris treated us to some strong tea to help us recover while teaching us some medieval-style gambling games.
Book at least two days before going and Godesverdera’s team can organize full-on medieval festivities with live music and authentic cuisine served in olde tyme atmosphere for you and up to 80 guests.