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The Garden

The Garden1

After indulging in a watery relaxation zone at the Baltic Beach Hotel called The Garden, you’ll emerge feeling like a new human.

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ESPA Riga4

Now Riga’s visitors and residents can enjoy the luxury atmosphere and delightful treatments of ESPA RIGA.     

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Park SPA1

Visit a new spa located in front of the picturesque Kronvalda Park.     

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Aquae Triumphus

This is a spa to make you feel really individual, really special, and really spoilt...

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Spa Hotel Ezeri

Nowadays, Latvian spa luxury has spread from the concentrated famous resort area of Jūrmala, so you can take time out in the capital, or in the countryside too.

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SPA at Opera Hotel & Spa

The SPA at the Opera Hotel & Spa offers more than just luxury treatments and relaxation; it offers friendly, cheerful and caring service, which you don’t always find – even in spas.

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Bellefontaine Baltic

Bellefontaine Baltic is one of the city’s newest spa, offering high quality spa treatments in a refined, elegant environment.

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Baltvilla SPA8

  For those with little time but who want to take a break from the city, Baltvilla is nicely located in a newly developing area by Baltezers Lake, on the outskirts of Riga.

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What's New

Spa for Gentlemen!

Latvia makes tourists feel like they’re at a picnic, but have you ever heard of a spa picnic? Instead of eating sandwiches and pies at Riga’s cafés and restaurants, why not enjoy something a touch more exquisite – spa rituals, treatments, relaxation and more »

SPA Guru: Susan Harmsworth had the chance to met the chief executive and founder of ESPA International, Susan Harmsworth, who has become one of the most respected global authorities on spas, to find out more »

Latvia’s surprising Spas

  Riga makes tourists feel like at a picnic in its city but have you ever heard of a Spa picnic? Instead of eating sandwiches and apple pies in Riga’s cafes and restaurants, why not enjoy something more exquisite: spa rituals, procedures, spa relaxation and more »


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