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The Shortest Shopping Street!

One of the quaintest of all streets in Riga’s Old Town is only 70-meters long, but jam-packed among the cobblestones are a variety of one-of-a-kind shops that could keep you occupied for hours. Laipu iela, which literally translates as “Footbridge Street,” connects Livu Laukums (Livs Sqaure) with Skunu iela (Barn Street). This little lane dates back to the 13th century, and it was originally known as Steku iela (Truncheon Street); it was only in 1923 that the name was changed to Laipu iela. While originally a river ran through Livu Laukums, this meant that Laipu iela was at the very edge of the city of Riga, thus the Iron Monk Gates were located at the end of the street. There was also a Franciscan cloister here.

Nowadays the street is located precisely in the epicenter of the Old Town. You can find everything here from souvenir shops and galleries to private apartments and businesses – just don’t let the strip club on the corner deter you! By day the hustle and bustle of shoppers and sightseers keeps this street alive, and by night, the merry reveling of party-goers keeps residents up a night…especially in summer, when the music and noise of Livu Laukums floats through the alley to their windows. While there are plenty of places to shop and stock up on souvenirs in the Old Town, Laipu iela warrants special attention. It may take you more time than you think to make it through this road’s meager 70 meters!

Riga Trips Weekend Trips Spa in Riga

To the tower!

A walk to experience Riga’s imposing TV tower is one of the city’s most intriguing excursions.

On a hunt for the best in Latvian design

Where to buy the best in Latvian design? Here’s a list of stores selling innovative products Made In Latvia.

What Ralph Fiennes thinks about Riga

Actor Ralph Fiennes pleasantly surprised by Riga

Bauska Castle

Living history at Bauska Castle

For 300 years, from the end of the Great Northern War, Bauska Castle stood alone on a hilltop in ruins. But now it has been rebuilt and visitors are treated to a trip back in time.

Bomber at Skulte

Military ghosts

The rural tourism association Lauku celotajs has published a new map that brings together Latvia’s “military heritage”, listing 60 little-visited locations, many of which are now seriously dilapidated and overgrown.

Templar treasures

  The hidden riches of the Knights Templar continue to beguile the world’s treasure seekers. In present-day Latvia, searches have been going on for decades, from Count Cagliostro in 1779 to Hitler's “Ahnenerbe” expeditions in the 1940s. Even the Soviet KGB looked for the Holy Grail. It is a question that torments history scholars and treasure hunters alike.  

Spa for Gentlemen!

Latvia makes tourists feel like they’re at a picnic, but have you ever heard of a spa picnic? Instead of eating sandwiches and pies at Riga’s cafés and restaurants, why not enjoy something a touch more exquisite – spa rituals, treatments, relaxation and frivolity.

SPA Guru: Susan Harmsworth had the chance to met the chief executive and founder of ESPA International, Susan Harmsworth, who has become one of the most respected global authorities on spas, to find out more.

Latvia’s surprising Spas

  Riga makes tourists feel like at a picnic in its city but have you ever heard of a Spa picnic? Instead of eating sandwiches and apple pies in Riga’s cafes and restaurants, why not enjoy something more exquisite: spa rituals, procedures, spa relaxation and frivolity.


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